How To Avoid Raping Someone

In my previous post, I discussed sexual assault in our society. I gave the statistics, facts, and cold, hard truth about how often it happens and to how many people. In this post, I’m going to explain how you can avoid raping someone in different scenarios. Sexual assault in the public eye is more prevalent than it ever has been. Every day there’s a new headline about an actor or producer who performed an inappropriate act with a person in an inferior position. I’m here to help prevent anyone else from committing these same crimes. Follow my simple step-by-step instructions, and you’ll be well on your way to safe, consensual sex!


Photo by Senior Airman Steele C. G . Britton via Air Force District of Washington.

Scenario 1

You’re at a bar, and you are really hitting it off with a girl. Drinks are flowing, you might even kiss a little. You want to take this girl home so badly. You bring her close and ask her if she’d like to spend the night with you. She politely declines, but gives you her phone number for another time. WHAT! You just bought this girl two drinks! You remember that you have a roofie in your pocket, and contemplate putting it in her next drink.

Here’s how you avoid raping her.

Step 1. Do NOT put the roofie in her drink because that would be illegal.

Step 2. Take that roofie and flush it down the toilet because that too is illegal.

Step 3. Respect her wishes to not come home with you.

Step 4. Call her the next day and ask her on a proper date if you are interested.

Step 5. Do not rape her on said date.

Scenario 2

You see a woman dressed in revealing clothing walking to her car at night alone. She is super hot, and you would love to get her in bed. No one else is around but you two. She notices you staring at her. You have the urge to have sex with her right now.

Here’s how you avoid raping her.

Step 1. Stop staring at her because it makes her feel uncomfortable. You should not make people feel that way.

Step 2. Do not walk over to her. It is nighttime, and she already feels threatened by you because of your staring.

Step 3. If you are feeling chivalrous, you can ensure that she gets to her car safely from wherever you are standing. Remember Step 1, though, and do not stare.

Step 4. Do not rape her.

Scenario 3 

You’re in bed with a woman, and things are getting hot and heavy. You’ve had a couple of drinks. She suddenly passes out from the alcohol. She doesn’t wake up to your nudging and poking. How could she do this to you? What a tease, right? Wrong!

Here’s how you avoid raping her.

Step 1. Stop whatever you are doing and ensure that she is okay.

Step 2. Put your clothes back on.

Step 3. Do not lay a hand on her.

Step 4. Cover her with a blanket, and tuck her nicely into bed.

Step 5. (Optional) Sleep on the couch.

Step 6. Do not rape her.

And there you have it! Easy steps on how to avoid raping someone with different scenarios included. I hope this was informative. Remember, DON’T RAPE PEOPLE.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Should Be Your New Fav Show

Image by OgreBot via Wikimedia Commons.

Have you ever wanted to watch a successful lawyer, who seems to have everything, throw it all away in the pursuit of being reacquainted with her one true love? No? Not your style? Okay, well what if I also told you that there are full musical numbers every episode? Yeah, that’s right. Rachel Bloom, creator and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, is not playing around.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend follows Rebecca Bunch as she leaves her successful New York City life to chase after the boy she was in love with at sixteen years old. She’s conniving, unstable, and self-destructive; everything you’d want to see in a rom-com gone bad.

This show is smart, hilarious, and relatable. Rebecca Bunch unapologetically says all the crazy shit we’ve ever thought. In some ways, Rebecca is us at our very, very worst. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend also deals with mental health issues in a  very peculiar way – Rebecca doesn’t. Many of us probably have personal issues that we like to avoid and put away in a box. Rebecca does this, quite literally, until it comes back and bites her in the ass.

Season 3 has been showing us how detrimental it can be if we avoid our problems. Season 1 and 2 have been building up to this explosive moment where Rebecca goes batshit crazy.  It’s fun, entertaining, and laugh out loud funny.

My favorite part of the show is the musical numbers. Bloom has done something quite unique in making a musical dramedy successful. Many shows have tried to do it, but most don’t last more than 2 seasons. Each episode we get a couple of hilarious songs that spoof popular genres. For example, they’ve has sexy songs, Broadway songs, country songs, and boyband songs just to name a few. The list really goes on and on, and I don’t think there’s a genre they’ve left out.

For every lover of rom-coms, musicals, and strong female leads, this show is one you have to start watching.

You can watch the first 2 seasons on Netflix. Season 3 can be found at The CW, and catch new episodes every Friday night at 8/7c on The CW.

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Imagine The Possibilities With Barbie

Mattel created this Barbie ad over two years ago. Today, it has more power than it ever did then. In today’s country, it seems that, as a society, we are taking huge leaps backward instead of forward. Women everywhere are being objected, told they are inadequate, and faced with daily challenges that men will never have to encounter.

For example, the Trump administration just announced that they will roll back the federal requirements for birth control to be covered by employers’ health insurance plans. Employers can now state moral or religious objection, leaving many women without free birth control. This is a problem. Some women use it for medical reasons such as acne or controlling heavy periods and cramps. Some women use it for sex because they want to. It’s that simple.

This Barbie ad is something every woman should watch, no matter their age. It shows us that there are girls out in the world that are dreaming big even if other people tell them it’s not possible. If young girls can do it, so can we. We need to keep fighting for what every person on this planet deserves: equal rights. I want my children to grow up in a world where boys and girls are treated equally, men and women are treated equally, white people and people of color are treated equally. We’re all humans at the end of the day. No one should have more rights than another human based on their gender, skin color, beliefs, etc.

I want to thank Mattel for making me feel a little bit better today. I would love to see more videos like this come from them. As a brand that influences so many young people, I think it is their duty to help better the children they sell products to. Mattel has such a huge influence on kids today, and to see them do nothing with that agency would be disappointing.

Let’s keep fighting the good fight. Let’s keep marching in protests and demanding equal treatment. Don’t let some idiot in the White House tell you what you can and cannot do with your body. If he gets to take his Viagra for free, then why the hell can’t we have birth control for free. Whenever you need a little reminder that you can do anything, go back to the Barbie ad and watch how those little girls own their persona. Don’t give up.