Q&A with TV Writer Wendy Straker Hauser

I am an aspiring TV writer, so I wanted to reach out to a writer working in the industry right now to ask a few questions. Wendy Straker Hauser was kind enough to answer a few questions for me.

Wendy has been a writer on The Client List and Beauty and the Beast, and she is currently writing for The Handmaid’s Tale and The Bold Type. Her answers will hopefully help many people who are trying to break into the industry.

1. How did you get started in the business?

I actually wrote a book before I got my first piece published anywhere. The book was called sexy jobs in the city: how to find your dream job using the rules of dating. I wrote it because I was lost and single and I didn’t know how the sexy glamor jobs worked. That book landed me a workplace column in the NY Post. Which launched my journalism career. Ten years later I moved to LA to break into TV. I took a class and taught myself to write a script. My first break was as a staff writer on the client list on lifetime

2. What prepared you most for what you do today?

Understanding people. Being aware of emotions personalities, what drives people, what scares people.

3. What is your advice for a writer starting out today?

Be yourself. You bring your own story. Own that story. It is everything

4. Do you write most of your scripts alone or is it more of a group process?

I prefer being on staff. I’m a mom and motherhood makes multi tasking at home difficult. When I’m at the office I feel separate, in a good way. It helps.

5. Do writing assistant internships exist?

Maybe script coverage. I’m not sure. I don’t think so. I think perhaps research. But I’d have to check if that is legal.

6. Do you have any suggestions or tips for someone trying to break into the industry?

Check if management companies have interns, also agencies, production companies, etc. Ask yourself what shows you like, see who produces them and call and see if they hire interns!


Photo by MGM Television via Wikipedia.

The Handmaid’s Tale won eight Emmys and was nominated for another four. Season 2 returns to Hulu in 2018.


Photo by ThomasRibeiro25 via Wikipedia.

The Bold Type returns to Freeform for season 2 in 2018 as well.

If you enjoy these TV shows and want to follow Wendy, head to her Twitter.

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